I'm John Templeton high performance coach for Business Owners, CEO's and Athletes.
If any of these three things have crossed your mind then there is a possibility that we can work together:
  • One: Everyone thinks I'm doing great but deep down I want things to move faster with greater impact
  • Two: My business or career is great but other areas of my life are suffering and it's becoming a problem
  • Three: I'm successful by everyday standards but I lack a deep sense of happiness or fulfilment
If any of these sound familiar we should chat.
I invite you to fill out an application and see if you meet the criteria before we schedule a call.
Past Clients & Testimonials
Past Clients & Testimonials
Drewe & Erin Pyke
  • 8 Figure Construction Business Owner
"I run a business doing close to 9 figures which comes with a lot of stress and complexity, as well as having a family.

What I've learned from John has allowed me to be much more relaxed at work and focused on the things that are within my control.

This has allowed my business to be a source of enjoyment and I just feel more at peace within myself moving forwards, it's liberating."
  • Special Forces Operator
"Over the past 11 years I've had the fortunate opportunity of building a sound relationship with John as he helped me prepare for specific activities both in and out of my career.

If you need an exceptional guide, I recommend you join him."
Justin Putze
  • Ex Lt Col, Property Investor & Contact Care Business Owner
"John has quite simply turned my life around! In 12 months we have built an extremely successful and systemised property collection that is now serving us $70,000 per annum passively.

If you want to change your life then this is the man to help you do this. His passion and commitment to your success are unwavering"
Kate Gray
  • Multiple 7 Figure Business Owner
"John literally changed the direction of my life and business with his coaching.

In my business I realised I had built myself a prison and John supported me in getting clarity on what I actually wanted.

I closed everything and started fresh which put me back to only $10,000 in my bank, within 12 months I had rebuilt a digital business that hit 7 figures but it is also in alignment with my values!

I'm getting paid to do what I love everyday!"
I'm a high performer myself...
  • Guinness World Record Holder: Most Strict Muscle Ups Completed in 24 Hours
  • Ex Special Forces Instructor: I was the Physical Trainer posted to the SAS
  • Celebrity Trainer: I've worked with Penelope Cruz, Katherine Waterston, Javier Bardem and the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean
I only take on 1 - 2 clients at a time each year due to the intense nature of the coaching.

If you would like to apply fill in the application and we can schedule a call to talk in more detail.
More Past Clients & Testimonials
More Past Clients & Testimonials
Katrina Gorry
  • Olympic Athlete, Professional Footballer
"Having my sessions with John has been the greatest thing, it's changed my whole life.

My performance went through the roof and I regained my contract with the national squad.

The investment has been worth every cent"
Mark Light
  • Ex Special Forces, Helicopter Pilot
"If you are determined to excel in life... JT is the man to get you there.

He has been there, done it, and spent many years since studying how people succeed as athletes, in business, in their personal life and be happy on the journey.

He’ll help you clarify your goals, train and educate you for any test, remove road blocks and make it fun along the way. 

Get into it!"
Joel Brown
  • Founder Addicted2Success, Ft in 'Think & Grow Rich' Film
"John is a master of peak performance. He embodies what he teaches and he is a lighthouse of hope for those that are looking for a way to expand their inner potential.

If you are serious about achieving success then John is someone you need in your corner"
Krista Tier
  • Serial Entrepreneur 
"John has supported me through tough times in life and business which has massively helped my relationship flourish and my income soar.

He's shown me things I never would have found without having our calls together, and without those breakthroughs "
You expect the best, and that's what you'll get...
  • Strategies that you can implement instantly to bring you clarity and focus in order to tap into your creative mind and flow state.
  • Accountability and a sounding board with someone that will keep you functioning at your best each day so that you can put maximum effort into achieving your goals.
  • Success. Like all of my clients, you will get the results you want whilst maintaining a life that you love in all areas.
Apply to be John's next high performing client
More Past Clients & Testimonials
More Past Clients & Testimonials
Mikey & Carrie Baker
  • IT Specialist
"It's no secret that Carrie and I have got to where we are today because of you.

The lessons we have learnt have allowed us to elevate our lives to a new platform that we could only dream of prior. I have loved your no bullshit approach. Whole heartedly, thank you!"
Georgia Page
  • Professional NRL & Rugby Player
"Since working with John my whole life has changed and my performance has increased.

My relationships are better, my mind is more clear and focused and I am sleeping better than I ever have which is reflected in my body being healthier than ever before"
Jeff Slayter
  • Consultant, Investor, Author
"Having worked with millions of people around the world I can safely say that John cares more about his clients than anyone I have ever met. 

He is focused on getting results and goes out of the way to make things happen"
Marc Thomas
  • Navy Chief Petty Officer, Worlds Strongest Man Competitor
"I’ve known John for over a decade now and one thing remains consistent, he is extremely passionate and invested in everything he does which in return has made him one of the leading experts in performance coaching and helping others reach their true potential.

I attended johns 3 day course in Australia with no expectation that it would at all impact me like it did. I was already highly motivated , a business owner, a national representative in 3 sports and generally felt like I had good clear direction in life.

Johns course exposed me to a new realm of belief and awareness of myself. He gave me clarity on what was really important to me and what was holding me back in certain areas of my life. 

If you want to take control of your life , your emotions , your situation , and be exposed to a better way of life then John
Is your man."
  • Step One: Fill out the application by clicking on the gold button below.
  • Step Two: I will read over the application and reply by email within 48 hours.
  • Step Three: Depending on the application we will schedule a call to dive into your situation in greater detail.
Many of my clients prefer to remain anonymous due to their status and reputation.

When you're ready to play at the next level and take control of all areas of life, fill out the application and we can begin.
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